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Fortune 50+ companies and large-scale enterprises trust our quality assurance and software testing services.

Benefits of Our UI/UX Services

Engaging with Intellectsoft's UI/UX design services means leveraging 15 years of our experience working with Fortune 500 firms. We offer expertise in front-end design, customer experience mapping, low-code mobile platforms, app analytics and more.


Find robust software solutions with our UI/UX design services. From molding rudimentary event apps into interactive experiences to crafting enterprise software for Fortune 500 companies, our seasoned design team brings your every idea to life with cutting-edge tools and technologies. In 2023, Intellectsoft was included in three prestigious award categories from Clutch.co: Top .NET Developers in London, Top Software Developers, and Top Web Developers in the dental industry. These accolades further underscore our standing as industry trailblazers in software development and digital business solutions. Our refined design process and standardized approach guarantee a final product that is both visually compelling and functional, tailored to your precise expectations.


Our user experience design services have fortified businesses across 11 industries. Intellectsoft's design team boasts a distinguished track record of crafting apps and software systems tailored to various sectors. Through comprehensive root cause analyses and our UI design services, we create interactive interfaces and intricate animation designs to ensure an immersive user experience journey. Our in-depth post-analysis guarantees a powerful, seamless cross-platform utility, resulting in a beautifully polished product that marries aesthetics with functionality. Whether you're in healthcare, retail, or any industry in between, our expertise stands ready to propel your digital experience to the next level..


To provide quality UI/UX design services at Intellectsoft, we adhere to tried-and-true in-house standards, driving creativity through a structured lens. Our designers utilize proven systems, undergo meticulous reviews, and learn from impactful practices and toolsets. Through ongoing mentoring, our design team is skillful and organized – well-versed in delivering excellence. This structured approach is validated by myriad case studies, epitomizing the exceptional service we consistently provide.

Leverage Our Efficiency

With more than 10 years of experience under our belt, we have developed a streamlined design process that ensures the highest quality results in an expedited time frame. This has allowed us to consistently deliver on time and exceed expectations.


less time

Spent on development-ready design

Cut by


Time on new design delivery

Cut by


Time for design support

Decreased by


Time on UI Design

Features Of Our UI And UX Design Services

Our team has a rich history in creating intuitive and coherent user experiences, ensuring customers have an enjoyable experience when interacting with your product or website. We provide comprehensive research and analysis to identify user needs and goals, so you can be sure the end product is tailored to your audience.


Our QA Services Lifecycle

Our QA testers join project activities at early stages of product development. This allows us to ensure that nothing in your software is overlooked, and that your product quality complies with the acceptance criteria that were agreed on.

  • 1


    • Project documentation review
    • Test plan creation
  • 2


    • Test cases design
    • Automated testing implementation (if you require it)
  • 3


    • Test execution and defects reporting
    • Test cases and scripts updates
    • Interim tests results reporting
  • 4


    • Verification of fixed defects
    • Regression testing
  • 5


    • Acceptance testing
    • Scope verification
    • Deliverables check
    • Final tests results reporting

Success Stories

Blockchain-based Online Marketplace

A ecommerce blockchain project built on Ethereum that uses smart contracts, ERC20 tokens, as well as employs identity management, secured crowdfunding, and other.

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A high-speed railway pioneer gains a series of automated solutions to process passenger information, improve on-board services, and report critical information to passengers.

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The third largest civil engineering and construction company in Norway gets a digital transformation of their enterprise legacy system with a set of spot-on software solutions.

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Over a decade of stellar software solutions

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FAQ for QA Testing

QA testing companies like Vertax help businesses build a positive reputation, meet their clients’ demands and expectations. Making sure that you provide high-quality and consistent services will build trust with your customers, thus giving you a chance to stay competitive on the market. Our QA team joins the project at its early stages to make sure that the final result suits your expectations, requirements, and runs smoothly. Every company aims to create good-looking and bug-free high-quality software to keep their customer retention. IntellectSoft’s QA team makes sure that no bugs will come up once the product is launched. In addition to this, QA testing at the early stages of product development is cost-effective as it is much cheaper than fixing bugs after the release. It is essential to eliminate all the bugs and issues before the user meets your software to maintain a high level of trust and loyalty to your services.

Vertax aims to satisfy the needs of its customers and suit their expectations. We have been in the industry for over a decade and have a team of QA experts that makes sure the final product is bug-free and stands to the highest standards. Our team provides QA and software testing services at every stage of product development. The reason for this is that we want to deliver an excellent product to our customers and minimize errors. That’s why we conduct a thorough analysis of your systems, build solutions on how to implement them, and create a test plan at the planning stage. It’s a part of our strategy that allows us to stay within budget and time limits stated by our customers. This strategy shows excellent results in practice as we think of the possible issues beforehand and think of the solutions to quickly overcome hurdles on our way to bug-free product.

Quality assurance and testing services are a part of our service portfolio. Vertax has over 18 years of experience in the industry, skilled team, and the latest tech tools that help us deliver high-quality services to our customers. QA software testing services granted by our company let customers monitor product development at all stages and demonstrate product quality information. It helps to stay on the same page with the customers and involves them in the process. We use the latest tech tools and solutions to build efficient products and help companies of any size to perform a smooth digital transformation. Our team works according to the plan that allows us to continue the agile delivery of the product. The team of experts conducts the following levels of software testing: Automated QA: Unit testing, API testing, Integration testing, System testing, Acceptance testing. QA specialists perform different types of software testing (functional, end-to-end, feature testing, etc.) to ensure trouble-proof software for our customers.

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